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32GB (2x16) 4000mhz CL18 Lexar ARES RGB DDR4 RAM

32GB (2x16) 4000mhz CL18 Lexar ARES RGB DDR4 RAM

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Memory Type:
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32GB (2 x 16GB)
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Lexar® ARES RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory elevates your PC with vibrant RGB lighting and next-level DDR4 performance for an elevated gaming experience. It features an aluminum heat spreader and an aggressive wing design for optimal heat dissipation keeping your motherboard and system cool even when overclocked.

The Lexar® ARES RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory enhances your gameplay with vibrant RGB colors and customizable lighting effects. And with full range RGB support, you can create a dynamic atmosphere rendering your gameplay more realistic, and adding a touch of style to your gaming journey.

Lexar® ARES RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory is built with an on-die ECC, which leverages real-time data error correction for increased data stability and reliability.

With Lexar RGB Sync, a powerful RGB lighting control software, you can customize your lighting effects by setting color, intensity and speed with vibrant RGB LEDs. You can also save your RGB lighting effect profiles to easily update your build with ease. Lexar® ARES RGB DDR4 is also compatible with the RGB control software of major motherboard brands.

Take your gaming experience to the next level with the Lexar® ARES RGB DDR4 overclocked memory. Each kit is optimized for peak performance and tested rigorously for stability, reliability and compatibility with latest Intel and AMD systems.

The Lexar® ARES RGB DDR4 is compatible with the latest INTEL XMP 2.0 and AMD Ryzen to optimize and enhance your gaming experience.

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