Why is my Ping Payment held?

You have received the link to this page because a Ping payment you've made on TradeMe has been held.

What does this mean?

This means TradeMe has automatically flagged your Ping payment as needing to be reviewed. Typically this is because it's your first time using Ping, or you've used a new card.

How do I know it was held?

For Ping payments you will receive an initial email titled "Purchase complete - "Item name"", this doesn't mean your Ping payment has been completed.

There is a second email that follows this that is titled "You've paid "X" amount with Ping". If you've received this email, it means that the Ping payment is complete.

If there is no issues, you will get the second email shortly after the first.

If it has been flagged you won't get the second email.

What should I do if it was held?

If it was held, this means you will have to wait until someone from TradeMe manually reviews it.

This normally only occurs during business hours.

This process should be automated, but unfortunately TradeMe still uses backend that is 20+ years old, and haven't build a modern solution.

Sometimes the held payment will be flagged as a false positive by the reviewer, in which case, the Ping payment will process as normal, with a "You've paid "X" amount with Ping" being sent.

This is why sometimes Ping payments can take multiple hours to go through. They will not provide a reason for it, it will just take longer than normal to process.

If it wasn't a false positive, you will receive an email from TradeMe asking for a code from your bank statement. It will be explain to you in the email. Once you send them the code they will manually review that as well, so it will only happen during business hours.

It won't have been completed until they email you back saying they checked it and it's all good, then you will get a "You've paid "X" amount with Ping" email.